Monstro And The Kelp Kids is the creative world of contemporary multi-media artist Michael Amorillo well-known for his large scale open-air murals, design work, abstract acrylic paintings, illustrations and intricate watercolors.

Infused with personality and energy, Michael’s themed installations and artworks celebrate positivity, diversity and creativity. The vibrant colors and whimsical themes engage and inspire both young and old.

Born in Queens in 1976 and raised on Long Island, New York, his love for comic books and cartoons was the root from which his creativity began to sprout. During childhood, Michael began creating his own characters and storylines. After laying his eyes on graffiti art, he gradually began using it as a means for storytelling.

His works encapsulate the feeling of complete freedom. Each piece is fantasy-driven and explodes with color, creating its own little world free from the rules and limitations of everyday life. Each painting consists of images that Michael creates from his emotional experiences, personal encounters or elements of nature. They illustrate the boundlessness of the creative mind.